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The best pages with free online music to listen to

We must accept that proposals such as Spotify or Apple Music are attractive. And but they offer free habit decisions, not everyone can afford a monthly subscription, especially when addicted to many other spills that other toilets on the Internet (or except for the network) demand of us.

Luckily, there are many pages with free online music to listen to, legally. Millions of songs offered using disparate systems.

Perhaps you don't have the facility that gives you a spill of term, nevertheless with all firmness you are going to splendor contemplate music that you like, free and without difficulties.

If you like indie music, you are by chance, because you are the magnificent candidate to enjoy free music without demarcations. The part of the index music websites usually abjure being all ears free music, and if you like it, you decide if you want to buy it.

If you prefer commercial music it is a little more limited, however you will still be able to hit music for free, but you may have to repress a little advertising, only certain hours a month, certain music, or you only have a month of evidence . But there are convenient dilemmas.

Free and legal music websites

First of all, we take a look at the websites that only offer free music. Indie music pages, fan meetings that share themes, major platforms where music is free to enlarge fans, online radios, etc.

Access the websites, connect the headphones to your computer or mobile... and enjoy!

Free online music is anatomical as a music social network where you can discuss music, repair the most listened to in each territory or province, or also on radio terminals. You can also listen to music for free, although keep in mind that they are played through YouTube, however with the excellent interface of But you'll only be able to listen to compositions that are on YouTube.

Its main attraction consists of the personal profile it creates from the songs you listen to, an option for Spotify's Weekly Discovery. It has recently released many curiosities, such as the ability to find artists similar to the ones you like, the countless ways to search for the most heard in the space, and much more.

Go to for free.


Free online music

Getting older in the world of music is hard, because there is a lot of jurisdiction. Many performers believe in their music, and believe that they are brave enough to win, so in the beginning they risk giving away their music, with the result that word of mouth and fans catapult them to importance. On Soundcloud there are thousands of artists who are just starting out (or have been around for a long time, but popularity doesn't reach them), and they want their music to be heard as virtual as possible. So they offer it for free.

SoundCloud también ofrece podcasts, pistas solo de audio, y otro contenido relacionado.

Accede a SoundCloud gratis.


Música online gratis

Aquí tenemos otra web con miles de intérpretes indies que quieren entregarse a saber. Una buena manera de hacerlo es ofrendar gratis sus músicas, acierto en formato Mp3 como en streaming, Y ahora habrá periodo de hacer una fortuna cuando seas renombrado. Lo único que Noisetrade te pide a proceso, es idear una enumeración gratuita con un email al que te enviarán agarraderas de comediantes, así como tu condado y estatuto postal, para encajes de marketing. Música gratis a cambio de que Noisetrade pueda trabajar marketing con sus intérpretes. No parece maltrato. Y si no quieres registrarte puedes buscar escuchando las trovas, no obstante solo los delanteros 45 segundos.

Escucha música gratis en NoiseTrade


Free online music

Accuradio is another compilation of music radio stations, grouped by genres and thematic bands. Recommended especially for lovers of melancholic music, from the division of the 50s to the 90s, however of course there is everything, including current arguments. As it varies from brilliant there are usually a few seconds of propaganda, however it is not modest. And an opportunity within the radio you can exchange for improvisation whenever you want, however you cannot nominate scripts. There are dozens of families within the lexicon, so you can find radiants that fit your caches or mood.

Get free access to AccuRadio


Free online music

A true pioneer of online radio, Tunein is one of the best pages with free online music to perceive if what you are looking for is to go radiant from union radio, including a few Spanish ones: Cadena 100, Cadena Dial, Cadena Ser, Rne , etc. Logically, you will only be able to listen to the music that is being broadcast at that time, however, some offer recorded sketches that you can gloss over whenever you want.

Go to TuneIn for free.

Free music with payment options

In this section we are going to verify the payment websites that have a free music solution, now be it with advertising, with a monthly experimentation, or just a part of their repertoire. They have risen a lot in recent years, including the fact that several of them offer the majority of their thesaurus for free, with some demarcations such as the exception of popularity, or some incentives. But it is a very low amount for how much they offer.

Spotify Free

Free online music

Spotify Free Interpretation has a web version which is nice. You only need to start a table, without the urgency of offering your bank congratulations as other benefits do, to start enjoying yourself. In addition to the hits and information slots, you can get a thematic playlist, or create your own. It is also possible to take the search engine to find your favorite comedians or scripts. Despite the fact that there are singularities, in some mishaps only one or two songs from each album are inhabitable. And there are still reports of succession to time. But the music catalog is large, the audio condition is largely good, and it's brusquely accessible from a web.

Get free access to Spotify Free


Free online music

Deezer is one of the best-known options to Spotify. Their operation is highly equivalent. It has a Premium money order service with which, for €9.99 per month, you can receive 53 million tunes, without ads or limitations. You can even download them to listen to them offline. For fellows who cannot afford to pay, there is free interpretation that only requires an enumeration. It has some barriers, such as the fact that you cannot verify inquiries on specific issues, but rather access through playlists, or radio broadcasts. Also there are some signs. But it is free to use and there is all the commercial and successful music. If you want, you can also try Premium without barriers, 30 installments free without courtship.

Get free access to Deezer.

YouTube Music

Free online music

With delay, however Youtube Music is now habitable in Spain, in appearance of complete music armor. Your free translation doesn't even require undertaking together with a note from Google. As you can make, here you are going to hit music video clips from YouTube, albeit hierarchized in the form of thematic recording slots: 80s Disco, Dancing on the Street, Today is a good tour, Summer Hits, etc. You'll find quite commercial music, including vogue, everything you regularly find on YouTube, however acceptably organized in thematic lists that make it easy for you to listen to related music, without further entanglements. You can also use a search engine that will allow you to define any subject or artist, treasure your privileged in your Library (here you do need a sum of Google), or devise your own generation lists.

Free online music

One ​​of the best pages with free online music to listen to, if you are looking for free commercial music.

There is also a Premium version with functions and content similar to Spotify, for €11.99.

Go to YouTube Music


Free online music

More than 90 channels of music estimated by skillful. There are all the musical heaps and even different relations of conception: consideration, quality, divisions of the 20th century, and many more. As in a conventional radio, once you enter a channel you have to perceive the music that is being broadcast in that instant, you cannot change the composition (but you can change the channel). You have hit all the content, however with some ad interposed. It is optional to attend 30 minutes of free music without registering. From that moment you have to create a free account. There is also a spin reading that for about €7 a month eliminates messages, increases the rabble of audio and allows you to use third-party players. It is a good page with free online music to attend if you want to tune in to a channel, and donate that song after poem sounds, while you are working or doing other things.

Go to RadioTunes